A Brief Description of My Services
I do proofreading only, no actual copyediting; however, if I see something that is obviously inconsistent or just doesn't make sense, I will point it out to you. I do not rewrite any of the manuscript or get into plot lines or character development. I do watch for consistency with the character and plot details. I will bring to your attention anything I feel is beyond my scope and has an impact on your work. I do not perform copyediting, so I do not charge for it, but I do want your manuscript to be as perfect as possible, so I won't let anything slide by just because it's "not part of my job description." During proofreading, I watch for things such as misspellings, punctuation, capitalization, spacing, extra words, left out words and any inconsistencies with character names and their spellings. I require the manuscript in Word format. I use the Track Changes function in Word to make any changes. Once the manuscript is returned, you have the option to accept or reject each of my suggested changes/corrections.
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